Is collapsible text(show/hide) is bad for SEO?


Hey guy!

Have you ever used collapsible text into your blog post?

Actually, I am writing a post where I am going to use collapsible text. But before the post gets online, plz tell me is it good or bad for SEO?

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check if this tool can detect your text or not.
If it does, then it should be ok…


Collapsible text is completely okay. Used by everyone including Google.

An example:

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Those are jump links. Collapsible is different right? Collapsibles are used mainly for FAQ’s. And they are completely ok for SEO purpose because it is CSS + JS, which does the collapsing on click and both are readable by google now.


I was referring as collapsible to this one.


Got it. Correct.


But you told me that it is not good for SEO while I was using it through elementor.

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May be that time I had literally no idea about it. Sorry!

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Because of that thing I redesigned the whole page :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It does not affect seo. I use this on all of my post and they rank very high.

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