Is hostinger is good hosting provider?

what’s your opinion about hostinger guys…its really cheap …do any of you have practical experience with this provider ?

I am thinking to buy it shared hosting . give your opinion and help …thanks

Shared hosting comes with so many limitation. No matter which host you pick, there is always some catch.

Do you run a free, personal or commercial blog intend to earn money?

If personal - go for shared hosting. This might be good for 100/visits per day site.

If commercial - go for Cloudways instead. Here you will get fastest experience.

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it a new website about home decoration…currently like no traffic at all…so its good to get hostinger hosting plasn …right ?

What I said that if you are intend to run a commercial site (not a personal blog), then having Cloud server would be better as it can be scaled easily and would be highly performant.

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what about its performance …how hostinger’s performance …

Very slow experience. this site is hosted on hostinger. @GulshanKumar please evaluate the performance.

how you personally feel about its performance ? are you satisfied with speed and performance of website ?

which plan you have - basic or any other ?

Hi, this is not my website. I just know that it is hosted on hostinger, probably on VPS. Personally I would prefer DO, Linode for unmanaged server.


I checked that site. Performance wise looks decent to me.


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@GulshanKumar Which Tool you are using for testing the speed of the website above?

Page Speed test by Google?

All time favourite

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Oh! Let me try it. Seems new to me

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@GulshanKumar It is not showing overall time taken to load the page

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Above tool is suitable for checking “DNS”, TLS", “Connect”, “TTFB” from 14 different regions.

For full page load time, you can try

But this tell you about the TTFB.