Is installing Jetpack plugin (free plan) for CDN feature for photos beneficial?


Can anybody tell me about this. Will it help to make blog/site faster?



  • Makes images load faster surely


  • Image quality may degrade however when you turn off, it will come back as is.


but i noticed by using this google pagespeed & GTmetrix show poor results in score.


Consider doing ‘Repeat test’ because first time it may be uncached response, second and after then for a long time it will cached response.

Score is subject to vary due to extra DNS lookup and Query string factor at GTmetrix, but it’s better focus on actual ‘Load time’ and overall user-experience.



That is because of query strings in URL of images served by Jetpack photon. It does not matter because images are processed at wp server.

Its safe to ignore that warning.



I also noticed such thing. My score dropped to 17 from 22.
But still I think page is loading little faster. So I will wait…