Is it a good idea to keep comment section?

I am unsure if I should keep the comment section or not. Most of the time my website gets spam comments and sometimes adults too. Good thing is that WpDiscus has approval so all of the gets into “waiting for approval”.

Is it even good for SEO?

Not worth it for most small blogs.
Unless hou are a recipe site or a site where user generated content adds some value, its not worth it!

It is good to have a comment section. It will tell you whether users like or dislike the content. This will help you to improve the post. Use the Akismet plugin for spam.

A comment section helps to boost your site interaction and time-on-site. Of course, it’s an annoying thing to see so many spam comments. Simply you can avoid it by installing anti-spam plugins like Akismet, etc. Comments help to build a great conversation and you will get a lot of new post ideas as well.

  1. Avoid Wpdisquz
  2. Install - FORGET SPAM COMMENT. It’s lightweight.
  3. Install - Comment Reply Email Notification
  4. Make sure outgoing emails are working else visitor won’t get email for reply.

These setup works best for me to retain visitors.

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