Is it good to add 101 at the end of domain name?

I am registering for a new domain name. I am confused about whether should I go for a domain name ending with 101 at the end. Please suggest is it good or not.

Avoid it if possible.
I have made that mistake once…

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What’s wrong with it?

Do you love typing alphanumeric domain in the address bar?

  • Go for it and don’t think twice.

For a visitor, it won’t matter at all. There are many popular domain containing number.

Examples -

... and a lot more

Not a big mistake with that blog…TBH.
Your blog is already doing great.

:hushed::hushed: Piracy king LEETx or 1337x :sweat_smile:

A big problem with 101.
Say i make a domain
When you write dogs101 other articles describing its care comes up and not your domain.

Where as if your domain is and someone types dogsforeverlove hour domain comes up at top.

Its all about branding and what you want.

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