Is it good to create a E-commerce website with WordPress?

I want to create a highly secure, clients friendly, ecommerce website.
so what should I choose for my CMS, wordpress or anything other ?
@GulshanKumar, @AbhishekVerma, @MyilRaj I want yours opinion also

Yes, WooCommerce is fine. I can recommend it. Other option I like Easy Digital Downloads.

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If this is optional, you can go with WordPress.

WordPress is a general purpose content management system. It’s good for stuff like blogs selling merchandise or eBooks kind of stuff.

If you plan to go as scalalable as Flipkart, custom development is indeed required.

You can either go for WooCommerce or Magento for your ecommerce site. But custom build is best.

@supx not only for merchandise a lot of popular ecommerce websites are build on WordPress/Woocommerce.

Ya, I will do custom development but for basic structures & now when I am just going to launch the e commerce Website, then shall I go with WordPress?

I will suggest you to go with WordPress if we are under tight budget. Also considering features, we can add plugins at our wish. Find a premium Ecommerce Theme from Theme Forest and start your development process.

It’s good to go.
ClickBank uses it.

Here’s the thing - In woocommerce, if u suddenly come up with an idea of ways to sell more products, then that idea would have already been implemented on codecanyon or such via a plugin. there is a huge number of paid and free plugins available for an ecommerce portal.

Custom built platform i wouldnt recommend. The reason is that google will try to optimize its algorithm based on what the majority of the websites are using. We know now that majority of the sites are using wordpress. So woocommerce is the safest option.

It all comes down to one requirement. Scalability.
If you plan to scale massively, I doubt Wordpress with plugins would be suffice.
If you plan to do a good business with relatively less products, you can go with WP as others suggested.

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But anyone will scale only when they will have some customers and money… so then they can easily get a custom site developed according to the needs.

So start with WordPress and move to custom when you have enough money. Simple!

And WP can easily handle a few thousand products… so unless you are competing with Amazon or Flipkart, WP will be enough in most cases.



But to be honest, I always think of scalability. You never know, when your tiny business can bring it loads of attention, so it’s good that you don’t have to change all the stack over again in future.

But nonetheless, I didn’t know Wordpress was capable enough. @rajdeep sure give it a try.