Is it Good to Index Category pages, Paginated Pages?

Dear Bloggers,

Today I have a few questions?

  1. Are you keeping your Paginated Pages still “Noindex”? If so, is there any particular reason?
  2. Another question is, how many sitemaps are you submitting to Google Webmasters? like, Post sitemap, Page sitemap, Category sitemap, etc…
  3. Did you ever focus on the Coverage Section of your Webmasters?

Inside it, how many of you are seeing, links under the category, “Indexed but not submitted in the sitemap”.

Most of the Top Bloggers have set to Index their Paginated Pages. What’s your thought?

Categories & Tags (mostly) represent the targeted keyword. I index all of them.
Sometimes you might be heard that they could cause a reason for duplicate content.

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Your answer is here ==> You should Index Pagination Pages

I submit sitemap_index.xml so, it automatically takes my post page and category sitemap for the blog.

Always try to fix the issues in the coverage section.