Is it Good to open Internal links in new tab or same tab?


Shall I enable the open link in new tab option whenever I internal linking to another post? or Same tab? which one is good?


If you focus on UX then open in same.

Opening in new tab helps user to comeback again to your website. It also reduces bounce rate.

All are my own opinion wait for other’s reply.


I have made habit of opening link in new tab and later close the Tab I was reading.


If a user want to open link in new tab they can do it themselves in almost all the browsers. So it is unnecessary to enable. Most major websites open the link in same tab.


New tab.


Let web pages to open in New Tab by default.


Neil Patel using the same tab but Brian Dean using the new tab when clicking on internal links.


For general blog, I think internal links should open in same tab. Opening in different tab won’t help anyway.

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I don’t think it matters especially if its your own blog…

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