Is it good to use Push Notification?


Is it good to use Push Notification? Many bloggers are using One Signal. It is a good idea to implement it on our WordPress Blog? Do they use our data for Advertisement? Will, it hampers our SEO performance?


It’s very good. Permanent source of traffic. No harm to SEO.
Using it from 2 years.


Any way to solve this problem?


Is it performs better than email-newsletter ?


Yes. Yes. Yes. You are giving away rich information to get free services.


Hmm Yes, Thanks for detailed answer.


@GulshanKumar Any way to solve this?


What are the information we are sharing with them? How they monetize the data and generate the revenue? Any Idea?


That’s a third-party script. We cannot.

OneSignal’s provides SDKs to mobile app developers and websites, and data and analytics services to other data partners and advertisers.





Just ignore it. It never gonna slow down your site in real life. If it just remove it or lazy load that part of code using some plugins.

Hope I am right? @GulshanKumar


OneSignal script loads in asynchronous way. It shouldn’t affect anything.


Yes, Its same as Adsense ads. That’s why I am saying to ignore it