Is it mandatory to enable amp?

My main target audience is India(especially mobile users).
So is it must to make my web pages & post amp for that?


I don’t think enabling AMP is necessary.

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AMP is not recommended.


AMP is not mandatory from my POV, Even I also removed AMP from my site last month.


why ?


Using AMP means, Inviting unknown new errors daily.

My Google Search Console always update me with the latest errors which were occurring because of AMP only.

And here are the report of Site Audit by SEMrush…

I was always trying to solve some of the errors, but now it is enough.

So that’s why I took this action…

Speed is not everything…

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My images, icons are not showing when visiting the amp version of the website via a mobile device. but showing on desktop.
example visit once this via laptop/pc
& visit once this by a mobile

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Do not implement AMP on live website. If you want to test, do checking first at staging area for 2-3 days, once everything is okay then push live.

Thats why @GulshanKumar I’m asking you why this error happens to my website?

AMP is complete waste of time. Just deactivate that plugin and forget it.

Amp helps for news portals. As per my observation Google give weight to amp pages in Google news.


AMP is required is only for the sites that consume much of the computing resources like news sites, sports sites, e-commerce sites, etc. We as a Blogger, it’s not necessary unless we add many DNS calls to load a single web page.


It is correct using AMP as a blogger is like AA bail mujhe maar. It gives los of error and after using few days it leaves you in the condition when you face many errors and 404 pages if not removed it as @GulshanKumar sir has mentioned in his post.


Here is the post for removing amp from blog.