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Is it possible to get permanent Job?

I’m doing freelancing blogging from last 6-7 years. I’m earning decent amount from it as well but now I want a permanent job in this field. Is it possible to get job in the field of digital marketing. If anyone know please guide me how to get one. Also, help me create good resume (really I don’t know how to create resume for freelancing work, any help would be grateful)

It’s a good thing to hear that you are earning a decent income from your blogging. Since you didn’t declare your method of earnings, it’s difficult to say anything about this. However, do you want to create a permanent career in Blogging or Digital Marketing?
Between, if you believe that your current monetization method is stable and secure, wait another 3 - 4 months. If it goes fine, you can create your full-time career in blogging. Parallelly, implement your DM knowledge in other small projects and earn some additional revenue.

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I was earned decent income from adsense but from last 1 year my earning always fluctuate and I can’t depend on that in the future. So I decided to go for a full time job (in digital marketing) for now. I’ll doing blogging as a part time in my free time but want a career in the field of digital marketing. Is it possible?

Why don’t you integrate other monetization methods like Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling ADs, Selling Ebooks and/or Courses, etc? Also, you can try Google Adsense Alternatives. But, for the above methods, you should have a blog with decent traffic volume and a better ranking position.

Yes, you can start a Digital Marketing Career. How’s your social profile and network? Do you have decent followers and are you active? If so, you can easily start your career. Else, it will be a bit of trouble to reach new clients.

You can get a job as a content writer as you said above that you’re doing blogging for 6-7 years. And bloggers are mostly professional in content writing.

The problem is that most of the companies don’t consider freelancing experience as a professional one. so, You have to start from scratch in the corporate world.

I would rather prefer starting my own business than joining someone’s else business.

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