Is it possible to host Wordpress blog to AWS?



Good Afternoon.

I have one general question for all of you guys.

is it possible to host WordPress blog on AWS, if YES then HOW?

I am asking this because I want to learn the AWS.




Yes, it is possible,

You can host essentially anything on an EC2 server
You can use RDS (mysql) for Database
SES for Emails
Cloudfront for CDN.

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and any guess about pricing?



It’ll be more expensive than hosting on Digitalocean or Vultr that’s what I know for sure.
I was having $30 bill average for a WordPress with ~ 100k visitors a month.

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Thank you for letting me know.

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Hi @imamit

After creating instance at AWS EC2, Install WordPress manually following this guide.

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I would highly recommend not using local mysql and rather offloading it to aws RDS as that helps improve performance drastically.



Sounds great! Thanks for the feedback.



Yes, it’s absolutely possible and I host 3 websites on a t3.micro type instance. All hosted on the single server. one of which is a discourse forum.

I get bill around $13-15 per month. and acc. to my stress testing (using my little instance can handle around 700 users per second. Which basically equates to around 1.8 billion.

Note the Received data. 2.2 GB in under 60 seconds for a 3MB web page.

Also mind you that I use Amazon SES to send emails, that costs me around $1 for 10,000 emails sent. That’s the included cost in $13-14 (Incl. GST)

RDS is really expensive. Using object caching on MySQL with nginx + FastCGI caching and few more optimisations can make your Wordpress really fast! with really low CPU usage and 0% downtime.

You don’t really need RDS if you know how to optimise front and backend. (edit: of course I am talking about small to medium scale websites. Using a separate MySQL instance for each micro service is the best possible thing to do, but for sites with heavy traffic)

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