Is it Possible to Index Site in Google News without AMP?

What are the chances for a WordPress Site in Google News without AMP? Is it possible to index in Google News…

With or without AMP/WordPress or anything, Google News approval is currently impossible:

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Yes… Approval is Easy… But Indexing a site without AMP seems to be difficult.

1 Year passed since Google is not going to take any action

Moving further, you need a large publication house and good reputation before you get into news.

I won’t be surprised if they even end up ripping small approved news site without much reputation in near future.

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You’re missing my point. The new ‘approval’ system is fake and having AMP or anything won’t index your site in Google news. You’ll only appear in News when they change the algorithm.

Plus, Google News approval is not going to help you if you don’t produce original content.



That’s the most real truth of 2021

not really, if you have good traffic they will approved in 2 days

No benefit of that.

Have you tried using pwa with proper schema.