Is it possible to make a living by blogging?


Is it possible to make a living by blogging? Is there anyone who is a full time blogger in this forum?

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Yes, it’s definately possible if your hard work, luck, strategy works in the right flow. There are many bloggers near us who are earning a good living amount.

It’s not that easy. Today whatever they are it’s because of their continuous work of many years, sleepless night. It took years for them to rank well in the Google, and master the strategy.

If you want to make money, you have to plan and take action on it from day 1.

  • What’s monetization strategy you are going to implement?

  • What’s your content planning?

  • How often you will publish?

  • Who will be your target audience?

  • How will you retain them?

  • Can you create team of writers?

etc …


Yes. Absolutely.
You just need to start with by thinking that I’m not doing this for living.


I completely agree with @GulshanKumar , Yes it’s absolutely possible. If you are looking into blogging, prefer a long term strategy.


Thank you all for your reply.


You’re welcome!


Yes, I am making my full-time living by blogging. I am currently running few blogs on different niche and all of them were successful. But reaching this stage isn’t an over night process, it took me days to reach here.
One thing is very much important, that’s your Hard Work.