Is it right? phastpress Plugin Renaming my image name

I am using phastpress plugin in our website. But when i am checking source code for image name it’s showing like below, means phastpress plugin changing my image name and giving some other name. Is it Okay or It will bad for SEO?

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Naming image file properly is important. I wouldn’t recommend such plugin.

  • Create a backup First,
  • Do compression yourself via TinyPng or Shortpixel
  • this will allow to serve images with normal path.
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  1. Not sure about SEO, but its of no use . For e.g. suppose you want to replace that image or scale it ( replace it through file manager ) then finding path of the image is hard.

  2. If you see waterfall chart, you will see most of the times images optimized by that plugin take more time to load than normally they should.

So better avoid it