Is it right to move on blogger to WordPress?

I have a blog. Blog traffic is around 100 page views per day. Sometimes it goes to 200-300 page views and sometimes it lives on 50-60 page views.

I’m thinking to move blog on WordPress. I should do it or wait for traffic increasing?

Please share your experience n guide me regarding this.

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Yes, it’s best decision.

My little experience with WordPress


  • You need a reliable host. Otherwise, you will spend almost everyday searching Google for fix. That would be huge loss of time.

  • PLEASE Don’t choose Bluehost, iPage and GoDaddy for the hosting purposes. You may regret! These host may be good for the affiliate, not for you.

  • If you are just starting out, consider it will cost $5-10/Mo for hosting. I would recommend Siteground. It is best for beginners, because they provide excellent support compared to all shared hosting provider.

  • Cannot afford a hosting? That’s okay. We have been in same stage in the beginning. You can look for Google Cloud, AWS Fee trial. Though it is technically difficult to setup. I can assist with.


  • When I switched to WordPress, most of the time I wasted in finding that perfect theme.

  • Most free theme looks dull. It’s better to choose a lightweight, simple design theme, and a trustworthy 5/5 rated theme. Example: GeneratePress (Available in free and paid).

  • Never use nulled theme. Don’t search on Google ‘download ABC theme free’. It’s a huge SCAM. It’s a trick to lure novice for using their site for DDoS, spam, and further taking own control (hacked).


  • Using WordPress? You must have always bakcup. You can use UpdraftPlus plugin. It is best, easy to use.


  • You need to take care about proper permalink redirection, migration to avoid any Traffic loss.

  • From day 1, start using Yoast plugin. Webmaster also prefer RankMath instead now a days. But I didn’t get time to check it yet. I would recommend Yoast at the moment.

Learn more

  • Monitor 404. You may use Redirection plugin which comes with this feature.

  • After migration, check for broken links

  • Run proper crawling of whole blog via professional tool such as Screaming Frog.


  • Everyday many WordPress sites get hacked. Why? Because people are lazy enough, never bother to update plugin which generally contains bugs. 1/4 plugin is buggy, and vulnerable in the WordPress. So, it’s important.

  • Use less Plugins. More plugins, more bugs, more loopholes.

  • Always keep WordPress updated. And once again, keep backup.

All these steps following should help in the smooth transition form the blogger to WordPress.


Do you know how to host WordPress blog on Google cloud? Pricing?

No need to migrate to wordpress.
I have blog in blogger and it is performing more better than wordpress competitors.
My blog is number 1 blog in my niche.
Create useful content only, no matter you are using blogger or wordpress.
Don’t confuse and waste your resources and time.

Yes, I can do that.

Depends on niche. It’s rare to find any Affiliate Site using Blogpost.

It is because Wordpress is easy to use and edit. Wordpress has more optimization options and plugins but as for as SEO is concerned Blogger is better than Wordpress because Blogger is alter all a Google product.

I don’t agree.

It’s like saying Windows Vs Linux. :rofl:

Where both are best at their own purpose.

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I am saying for blogging.
I think you have not used blogger properly.


For Blogging, definately both are best. It depends on niche. For example, if you are in a niche where you are mainly monetizing with AdSense then it’s okay.

My concern is about usability.

  • For an Affiliate Marketer, who need to manage tons of links WordPress is better. Because it allows to clock affiliate link into the short form, manage at one place.

  • Further, it can be expanded as features of WordPress is NOT limited.

You can read more: searching on Google, blogspot vs wordpress.

If 33.5% of world’s website is using WordPress, definately there are lots of reasons behind it.

I understand and I felt good to hear that your blog based on Blogspot is ranking well. But the selection of a platform should be done as per niche, requirement… everyone have own choice.

May be I am little biased about WordPress :wink:

Both Blogger and WordPress can perform well in Google.

Why I like blogger?

Highly secured.

Why I like WordPress?

Custom permalink feature like SEO friendly URL.

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Question was about simply blogging but not for specific requirements.

You can use to manage links at one place.
If you will try to find you can do everything on blogger that a blog requires.
Blog has simply articles and information not affailate programs.
One more thing blogger has better adsense CPM than wordpress. It is my personal observation.

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URL don’t have major role in SEO.

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You are making money with AdSense, so you don’t need to think about managing affiliate links and all.

I would never trust a third-party. That’s why, the first step switching from Google owned platform “Blogspot” to WordPress is recommended in my opinion.

It’s not just my words… everyone says!

You can read more with open mind.

I have been Blogspot user. No doubt. But I found WordPress truly awesome. The WordPress platform give you control in your hands, you own it, you are free to modify own way.


Youtube videos and blog contents are created to earn money, so don’t believe them. People write on topics that you search hance it is not good to stick on their opinion.

You can also modify a blogger blog as you want.
Blogger has better speed than wordpress.
I’ll say again if you want to write good content and use Adsense then blogger is the best platform for you.



Proof of Concept

Blogspot Performance Benchmark

WordPress Performance (written in below article)

You have just created a blogspot blog and checked speed.
You have not optimize this blog.
It needs efforts to use blogger. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Okay, we both WON.

Match Draw.


@Ankur You might be right, but do consider few things.

  1. WordPress has way lot more support than Blogger. (WordPress Wins :white_check_mark: )
  2. WP uses PHP, while blogger uses custom templating. PHP is the backbone of internet (WordPress Wins :white_check_mark: )
  3. WordPress has more theme options, plugin options, customizability, less dependency (WordPress Wins :white_check_mark:)
  4. WordPress is open source, hack-able, and custom scripts can be embedded (WordPress Wins :white_check_mark:)
  5. Blogger is owned by Google, and just like Google+ it can have a dreadful fate. Otherwise a blogger site can be shut down if you don’t follow guidelines (meanwhile, WordPress: “What’s that?”)

But with huge respect, Blogger has a special place in our hearts. it’s all where everything started.

Anything incorrect?