Is it worth to use both Jetpack & Cloudflare

Can I use both? Will it harm my SEO? Or I should only use Cloudflare

Both can be used together. There is no point of any problem.

I was using it for image CDN but now I am using Cloudflare, so now should I continue JetPack because it may slowdown my site…???

In Cloudflare, are you using Free or any Paid plan?

  1. If it is free - you can continue with JetPack to have Photon feature.

  2. If you are using paid version of Cloudflare, then ditch JetPack and use Image optimization feature directly from Cloudflare Speed tab.

Free version CloudFlare

But I am also realizing that Photon probably harm my image quality

You can fix that by manually telling Photon to don’t compress too much.

  • Install and activate Code Snippets plugin. It’s my favourite plugin to keep organized all useful snippet activated or deactivated at one place. :slight_smile:

  • Add below code

add_filter('jetpack_photon_pre_args', 'jetpackme_custom_photon_compression' );
function jetpackme_custom_photon_compression( $args ) {
    $args['quality'] = 90;
    $args['strip'] = 'all';
    return $args;

Source: Developers Resources

Let me know how it goes!

I have not tried it. This tip was brought to you by Luke Cavanagh from his comment at WordPress support forum.


You’re more than welcome! :blush:

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