Is keyword research tool must for blogging?

Hi Bloggers,

KW research tools gives a narrow way to write blog posts. If 20 sites competing for a single keyword, you can see that 90% of the sites are using the same kw (short or long) and it looks like duplicate title everywhere.

I think using kw tools is like wearing uniform. I do think that it would be colorful and comfortable when not using a kw tool.

What’s your view on this?


You are completely right as when we search for a popular query, almost all the sites have a variation of same words but the thing is without that you cannot get any traffic from Google.

Titles (or H1s) are very important but if your only aim is to write then you can do that as well.

Many people like and don’t use keyword stuffed headlines and still they receive search traffic (but with tons of quality backlinks also).

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Internet is filled with duplicate content. For example, a single topic is covered by many news sites. They do not need KW research.

Similarly, in how-to blogging one topic is covered by many sites. Everyone put their best efforts to impress readers. Ultimately reader decide to stick or leave the site. Keyword research is helpful to get ideas. However all tools shows different data, it may not be up to date and reliable to blindly follow. Some time, what it never shows and still having popularity.