Is no index of feed good for SEO


Hi, as per search console, many of my site feed urls are shown to be excluded by no index tags. Is it harmful for SEO.



Noindex means when Google bots come to crawl your website/post/page,then they will be ordered to dont show the particular website/page/seo
And as a result your contents will not showing in search result.
It’s a part of SEO
And it’s depends on you
If you want to show your posts/pages on search results, then don’t put nondex
Otherwise if you want to hide your website,then you can put noindex
That’s only :slight_smile:
Happy blogging



Hi, thanks for your reply, but my question is regarding no index of feed urls like

On one of my site only feed urls are excluded as per search console.

Will adding no index to feed urls affect SEO.


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I thing this is not going to harm your SEO

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If you need to show up on search Engines use “INDEX”
But if you need to hide post from search engine use NOINDEX