Is SEO plugin really needed?

Can you please explain the need of an SEO plugin for a wordpress blog.
Say you have a custom theme that can help you set post title,meta drescription, Schema, No-index option(page and links) and create an xml sitemap as well.
Do we really need a plugin for just no-indexing categories? As tags and archives are hardly used!
Is there any other functionality it offers.
P.S:- I am not that guy who goes an extra mile to get green ticks on all the yoast recommendation(I think that sucks)

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The role of a SEO plugin in the WordPress

  • Helps in writing better content. Will suggest basic things that is easy to forget such as adding alt tag in the images, suggestion about Internal Links.

  • Allow to keep custom H1 and Web Page Title for each web page

  • Automatically set JSON-LD markup picking title, description, date, etc. Maintaining manually is tough.

  • Allow to set Facebook Open Graph & Twitter card featured image for better CTR.

  • Automatically set canonical, allow customization of meta description, robots directive such as index or noindex for Homepage/Front Page, Post, Page, Category, Tags, Author Archive, Search result page or any custom template as per Theme or plugin.

  • 404 monitoring, Internal Links audit, etc.


Can you explain this in simple terms please?

Also how important is it to no index category and archive pages? Can we do the same by code snippits?

Hello again!

JSON-LD is used by Google to better understand the content attribute. Let’s say, you have written a review and want to give 5 star. How Google will understand? You need to tell them using some markup like this. There are more similar usage case you can read by searching ‘Google Developer JSON-LD guide’.

It’s possible to set noindex this way for some templates like search results, archives, 404, feed, subpage, attachment this way

function gk_subpage_fix() {
if(is_search() || is_archive() || is_404() || is_feed() || is_paged() || is_attachment()) echo '<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>';}
add_action('wp_head', 'gk_subpage_fix');
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It basically means schema of the whole content right?

Yes, we can say. JSON-LD is method to define schema markup. There are some alternative ways also like Microdata, RDFa or some HTML however Google recommends JSON-LD so we generally prefer same.


emborapets .com
Could you check this site and say if everything is fine…
It doesnt use any seo plugin. Infact it barely uses any plugins. The traffic and rankings are great.

That site is using SEO Framework Plugin

The SEO Plugin for WordPress is an indicative tool which helps webmasters and/or bloggers to prepare their site to meet Google guidelines. Without a plugin, it may be difficult for all bloggers to understand the search engine changes and prepare their site accordingly.
But what is SEO?
The process of ranking a website by improving the site interms of delivering quality content for the community.
Satisfying user search by providing them a solution (or) an answer.

If you can able to accommodate this subject without the use of Plugin, then you can remove those so-called SEO plugins. Moreover, as Gulshan brother wrote, SEO plugin also support other few features like JSON, controlling Bot Crawling etc. You should aware of these time to time and update yourself.

In practical this isn’t possible but a plugin could save your time as their core responsibility is to update their plugin to align with SEO guidelines. So, they will update us everytime where there is a change or modification in Google.

If we avoid plugins, then we should take care of all these things and it will eat our long hours in just following Google updates and implement it on our site.

I think you guys missed my point. I said what if most of the basic stuffs are taken care by your theme itself like schema, sitemap, Metadescription, seo title, noindex link etc. Except no indexing categories and stuff. Then is it needed!

If all things are taken care by your theme, then you can avoid using those plugins.

But, the theme maker should update theme every time for SEO unless your site will be affected.

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Yup. thats a premium custom made theme. I can rely on them for that!

The risk is yours as because theme maker usually focus on theme functions, reliability and not much on SEO. However, think twice and act.

In that case, you do not need a SEO plugin.

Yup. Most theme makes do. But things can definitely be different when you have worlds best experts making a theme

Makes the Difference! But we have to face the results.

Which theme is that? Are you talking about Genesis theme? :thinking: