Is there a Future of Hinglish Blog and Blogger?

Should I continue in Hinglish or should I write in Hindi?

please share your opinion

What is your audience reaction?

  • Do they comment at your blog?
  • Do they return back at your blog?
  • Are you generate sales/revenue from it?

If answer is yes. I can say, continue.

My audience likes my post


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Still, doubt? :thinking:

But some people say that Hinglish is not an official language, so Google can take action on it anytime.

Then all Hindi songs lyrics site may dead :frowning:

I highly doubt that will happen… think positive!!

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:stuck_out_tongue: Now I understand what I have to do. I will continue in Hinglish. thanx sir

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They will never take any “action”. Rank could drop but it won’t disappear.


anyhow google is killing lyrics site of english songs, rich snippets already displaying popular songs

I think hindi shall also go down in sometime, since there is no value addition in this, people just want lyrics, they dont want a blog on review of it or something.
So, i think the future is dark for lyrics site,
if your site adds value to user though then its a green signal.
Simple as it is!

Google is displaying lyrics for popular songs. It is in Hindi, so people may still scroll down to access Hinglish lyrics.

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