Is there any benefit to create backlinks for trending topics?


Actually I wanna write articles on trending topics but when I write articles it’s not be ranked in 1st page And lot of news websites already present there, How Can I solve this problem?


Yes I understood but If Article can’t get the 1st rank then it can be ranked at first page atleast…How to do this?

Edit 1- I have 2 blog, one is in only hindi language for india and second one is for global . And If you are talking about backlinks …From where I find quality back links :persevere:


My hindi blog is multiniche blog in hindi language like essay,speech, motiavtional thoughts, stories in hindi

My english blog which name is technorewards is a fresh blog it has only 14 posts so I wanna grow it but I’m little bit confused because there are lot of competition in tech niche so I am thinking about to use this blog for events like women’s day, father’s day etc… Can you tell me better way

Edit- I searched in web archive about my technorewards blog and I found that in 2001 someone had taken this domain
So can I get any benifit from this?


In the month of March this technorewards domain will be expired . Should I renew it again or not? Actually I wanna create a global blog also, because my hindi language blog is only for india, and I am focusing in my hindi blog in these days but I am planning to create a english blog too please suggest me better way… (Actually my english is weak so I couldn’t create english blog till now :cry:


Yeah hindi blog is like my passion but I wanna earn money also and in India cpc is very low like 0.01 , 0.02 and I have an adsense account which has been approved through my hindi website but I wanna make decent money too so if you could tell me about how to create backlinks for microniche site then I will try to buy a domain and will work on this also and Tell me about content length also…


Thank you so much. I’ll try to find such type of keyword and niche :blush:


Thank you so much bro but I think these all are paid tools, I don’t have enough money to buy it. any alternative way to do it? And Generate press is very light theme but I don’t know how to customize through Elementor


Please search on YouTube. You can learn easily if you give sometime to it.

Well, you can search for Group Buy to get in cheapest rate.


Okay Thank You… :blush:


You’re welcome!


@Prakhar you need a site which is approved by Google for a google news site that’s it no authority no backlinks at all I have a google news site and my site is 2 months old and my news is getting picked by google news for top stories SEO and google news is 2 different things.


@mohit can I create this type of site? Can you tell me procedure?