Is there any good Video Ad Network?

I am looking to try a Video Ad network on my site, are there any good ad networks for that? I know primis but i am looking for any other.


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hey thanks for the answer. I said i already knew primis, if there was any other :slight_smile:

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I missed to read. Sorry!

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No worries :slight_smile:

Hey Morshi, how is the primis cpm for you? My cpm has been down past few weeks.

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They were not doing good for ne fron the beginning, i had stopped using them after like a month

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hmm same here. 2019 has been worse with them. Some day the cpm is below $0.40 and some day it goes above $3.

I have been using this new ad network they are working really good for me. You might wanna give them a try.

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hey suprim, when i had tried them i barely even made $3 the whole week, He told me it wouldn’t work with mobile traffic. Maybe that’s why.

I came across this new video ad network, but seeing they didn’t have SSL made me re-think. Though let me give them a try since you said you use them.

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$3 really? That is quite low. What is your traffic like from US,Uk and other top tier countries?

The new network this is what I got in a week with just 1 ad. Give them a try it might work for you.

143 clicks? and 4.4 revenue?

Yeah it was horrible, i had asked him about the low earnings he said because majority of your traffic is from mobile, they needed desktop traffic.

Top 5 countries from which i got traffic in the past 3 months

  1. USA
  4. INDIA

143 revenue with 4.45 cpm rate.

Yeah try them they monetize mobile traffic too.

wow that’s awesone. Let me give them a try and see what results i get, i have already applied.

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Try adjebra