Is there any new google update came?

My traffic is going down daily 25% from past one week. Is there any new update released by google?
Are you also facing traffic drop?

Few days before i transfer my domain to another company. Will it impact on traffic too?

Transferring domain doesn’t affect.

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Yes my website traffic also down by 15-20%

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Something has happened, suddenly my website traffic has been decreasing for a few days.


I don’t know why but my website traffic has increased by 10-15%

I think if Google has done any new update, then it is helpful for me.

My blog traffic also increased. :heart_eyes:


Congratulations :clap:t2::pouting_man:t2:

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No, Domain transfer doesn’t affect the traffic, I have transfer two domains a few months ago but it didn’t affect my traffic.

My traffic seem to improved a lot.

Hosting transfer causes traffic fluctuations. I read this on Harsh Agarwal’s blog Shoutmeloud.


Yes, It happened to me many times, I lost almost 80% ranking and traffic because of migration.

But as he said, he transferred domain only…