Is there any Plugin for Adsense invalid click protection


Hi friends,
I want to know Is there any Plugin for Adsense invalid click protection. Please suggest me if yes also how to use this plugin.

Thank you


Hi… You may try AICP plugin.


I try all plugins but still getting invalid clicks and my adsense account is now disable.

I advised you never shared your website with your close friends when you are in starting phase of creating your website.
They start cause problems to you.
Tell them when you start gaining at least 20-30 per day visitors.

A genuine visitor’s 100 out of 1 ,doing invalid clicks on your advertisement.


Thanks to Google for banned my account.
Give me another idea for earning.

Now i fully focused to create my own course and affiliate programs.

These two ideas give me quick money rather then adsense


Try Google AdX.