Is there any problem if there are no DoFollow links from the site?

Hey Guys,

As of now, I am not having even a single DoFollow link from my site to other sites. All the links are nofollow, Is there any problem? All the interlinks are follow.

No problem

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Someone should link you and you should link to someone, else you will be alone in web.

Web is connected links. If there is no connection Google spider will find it difficult to crawl.

I hope you got the answer.

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I think you must watch the seo mythbuster series from webmasters. @sandi
Crawling and indexing are quite different and works differently then we think it does.
Google will find you if you have good content.
Here is a tip for links, what are the articles where people mostly link to?
I usually link out to stuffs related with stats, like how much vitamins does apple have? or something like what does it cost to keep a pair of cats? got it?
Another way is making some great infographics that people will link to.
Hope that helps

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Got it.

Taken this into consideration