Is there any way to disbale desktop sidebar ads on mobile?

Hi Guys,

Right now, on my website I’ve 2 sidebar ad units. I want to show those sidebar ads on desktop but on mobile device.

Instead, I want to show those 2 sidebar ad units inside the content on mobile device.

I’m using ad inserter plugin to implement these ads.

Is there anyway to achieve this?


You need to use CSS media queries for serving conditional advt based on device screen resolution.

Have a look at this discussion.

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Fine, I will check that. Thanks for your reply.

Ad inserter has that option. Check the tabs just below ad code.

But I’ve inserted the sidebar ad codes using the custom HTML option on widget.

Is there any way to insert sidebar ad codes using ad inserter?

Yes. Check widgets. There is Ad inserter widget also available.

Thanks bro, did that.