Is this good or not? Can i rank on google?

How can I improve my website ranking?
I am writing more than 1000 words per article and updating old content also.

It doesn’t mean that your article will be ranked.
You must fill searchers intent then only your articles will rank.

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Page speed is good for UX. But just speed wont get ranking.
Good content is important.
Relevance is important.
How indepth is an article. Thats important.
Say for an article like why is my iphone heating up a post of 1000-1500 words will do fine.
However for bigger and broader topics topics like iphone 11 features or how important is ram in a phone. Anything broader will need more indepth article. Original research like table comparisions, infographics, may be a small video for understanding. And more will be needed. Anything short of 2500-3500 words will not work.
Its not aboht word count only as well. The writing should be unique, in-depth and original research. Not only reformatted from top 10 articles.


@saurav_556 completed my rest of the writing.

Brian Dean

I also feel, He could have better done by providing information using crux (Chrome User Experience) historical data.

So, is there any average page loading time that you would say “it’s fine”?

Speed is important.
However if you are already loading under 1-2 sec then shaving of 0.2-3 millisecond wont help much.
It is better to put more effort in content than optimizing that last bit for very little improvement.

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Page load time as low possible. But I would first consider improving FCP and Time to Interactive thing because that is first thing a visitor would face for seeing above the fold content.