Is this niche competitive?


Hi everyone, here’s the screenshot of all the domain for my secret niche on searching best XYZ. Is it competitive? The results are also sorted according to the google search.47%20PM
Also the columns with ‘–’ have an average DA of 35.

PS: Sorry for such a noob question :slight_smile:


Moz is not Google and their DA is mainly dependent on Backlinks and a Website with Comment backlinks and other forum backlinks will do good on Moz.
If your Secret niche has brands which are in top 10 SERPs then its competitive otherwise a Better content can crack top 10 SERP with Google Rankbrain.


Almost all best XYZ type keywords are very competitive and those having low competition do not have earning potential… :thinking:


nope, there is not a single brand for any search of my niche (atleast for 95%)