Is truepush web notification forever Free?

While searching on the internet I have found

It’s saying forever free web notification service like one signal.
But the doubt is

    • Is it really free for lifetime?
    • Why they provides it for free while other provides charge after a certain amount of subscribers reached?

Yes Truepust is free and They clearly mentioned earning strategy.


Looks like they will use our subscribers to grow their revenue.

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If these Companies suddenly decide to remove their free plan, there is no way to move your subscribers to other providers, unlike email subscribers. eg. Izooto who claimed to provide a free plan for unlimited subscribers, remove their free plan suddenly, forcing you to pay… Better use onesignal…it seems trustworthy…Look how many people Izooto has cheatedimage

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Truepush is a startup launched in 2019, and it has earned the trust of more than 15,000 brands globally. The USP is the free push notifications with rich features. Truepush is coming up with more premium tools (this would be the revenue model), however the push notification will always remain free (To monetize the cookie data, pretty much like google does).

A lot of our customers have migrated from izooto, OneSignal, etc. because of the sudden paid plans, which was once free on these platforms.
I work with Truepush, and the sole pillars of the growth, which is, unique free push platform +quality features, would never be compromised to make the notifications as the paid version and mishandle the trust of their customers.



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I would suggest you to try feedify push notifications. After reaching 25k subscribers your account will be monetized and you will be paid.

I have been using it for last 6 months and now I can see the revenue started to generate.

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Looks like feedify will use our subscribers to reach their targets of monetization.

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Yes they offer them for Amazon Prime, Netflix subscription.

How do you have implemented it in WordPress?