Is Vultr Offering Free trial or Free credit?


I am planning to purchase Vultr, if you have any promo code or offer them please share here…

I am seeing this page when purchasing…

And what is this" Expires 90 Days From Today"?

In the payment method, “I just want to link my credit card - $0.00 deposit

How much long will I get free trial?

I m purchasing this first time…


It means, whatever be the credit amount that they give it will expire in next 90 days. Let’s say that you got a credit of $100 and purchased a plan of $5 then you will be only be able to use $15 for next three months and after which the credit amount expires, meaning that you won’t be able to use the balance 85.



what is the deal?



  • Get double credit up to $200 by making recharge of $100 only