Is web programming a competitive niche?


I am sorry for asking such a noob question. But I am not getting any help.


Yes, it is! Unless you are having skills for which demand is more than supply.


no actually i was asking in terms of blogging like if i write about php frameworks or mean stack etc etc not proper coding but a guide on how to choose the framework etc


You will have to research properly for that but I think that will not work as big topics are already covered by authority sites.


if I target less competitive keywords of a competitive niche then does it going to help? Also are long trial keywords dead?


You can target long tail keywords but if they are having good competition level then you will not be able to rank for the same.


i am seriously confused about niche :frowning:


A very competitive niche it is, there are thousands of the websites which are writing on it - You will have to work days & nights to make a successful blog on programming.
One more thing - it is also a low CPC based niche.