Is your WordPress really able to send e-mail to your user?

  • Contact form not sending e-mail,
  • reset password link not receiving,
  • no any kind of notifications of new comment, update from WordPress

If you are seeing these symptoms in your WordPress, I can say e-mail system is definitely not working.

Why this happens?
Some hosting keep disabled port 25 or PHP Mail function. This case I have seen with Vultr, Digital Ocean and many others.

How to check if you are affected?

  • Install and activate WP SMTP plugin
  • Try sending a test e-mail.

How to fix in case your WordPress doesn’t send e-mail?

  • @Turk have previous covered a tutorial on this subject. You can follow it.
  • Or, using WP SMTP Plugin, you can also configure Google for sending your e-mail.

I hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards,


You’re welcome!

People can also use Zoho as it provides more functionality to the Admin.