Issue with Adsense auto ads

Hi earlier we had page level ads and it worked perfectly on my site. It was giving around 50% earning support. Now with auto ads, I hardly see any ad by it on website. Also earnings from auto ads are not even 10% of total earnings.
Anyone else facing similar issue?

After using several advertising agencies, all i can say is that blog owners ad placements generally tend to be better then a machine’s ad placement. At least thats what i feel. Others opinion might be different.


Auto Ads is not working good.

NOT recommended.

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less than 10% of all earning I am getting.
Auto ads display all kind of ads, disable everything and enable only two features (Anchor ads
** and Vignette ads** which were in page - level ads) and analyse.

But I don’t find any significant changes. :thinking:

They are available the under ‘setup auto ads’

With recent changes to auto ads i have found it working great for my website.
You need to mix it with your own placement for better results.
Placed 3 ads on my own on top placement positions and adding anchor and vignette ad with auto ads.
ctr up by double the rate. Rpm up by 4$ earning increased by 100%