Issue with elementor


Hi everyone,
I am experiencing an issue with elementor plugin. Actually for one of the image (Used at homepage in top as background image) it has auto generated images of different sizes.

So before the page loads, first a small image of different size is loaded (With a little gap of black colour at both sides) and then the big image is loaded.

I am wondering how I can stop it? Anyone can help me figure out same…


Might try out this CSS:

 background-repeat: no-repeat;


Hey thanks for replying but seems this is not working. I also chosed the no repeat option there for background image but it did not worked :frowning:


Hi, I’m sorry for the trouble, Can you help me the issue by sharing screenshots? :smile:


It is just white gap appearing at sides for 1-2 seconds when image loads and then it itself gets fixed when page loads :frowning: