January 2019 Adsense Earning And Reports


Mine 0.09$ frm last few days…


Yeah I just checked my previous two years and I see every January AdSense is kinda gives me less income.


CPC $0.02
Traffic drop(estimate for today) 60%


Show less ads on a page will increase the CPC or not?


It will increase CPC but fewer clicks so the end result will be same.


Earnings are down by 70% compared to last quarter.
Seems Jan is usually down.

Traffic is same.


Anyone seeing improvement in traffic and adsense this month? :grin:


Down today… I guess update is going on. In semrush, I see high range volatility


My traffic went up.


Very bad earnings today


This is a bad month.
Things are going real bad. January is usually bad for everyone.


Dead :crybaby:


Very bad earnings today. Earnings dropped by 50%


CPC droped from 0.05 to 0.03 in this month. Some day only 0.02


0.03 here (where 0.05 is average)


Received payment email…


Yep, just received the email.


AdSense remains dead in January 2019 :me_irl:

  • It’s terrible here as well
  • It’s good

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Adsense CPC dead from $0.18 to $0.2 :triumph: January is bad for my adsense.


$0.18 - 0.2 cpc is excellent. I am getting $0.03 even sometimes it is lower than that.