January 2019 Adsense Earning And Reports


Mine 0.09$ frm last few days…


Yeah I just checked my previous two years and I see every January AdSense is kinda gives me less income.


CPC $0.02
Traffic drop(estimate for today) 60%


Show less ads on a page will increase the CPC or not?


It will increase CPC but fewer clicks so the end result will be same.


Earnings are down by 70% compared to last quarter.
Seems Jan is usually down.

Traffic is same.


Anyone seeing improvement in traffic and adsense this month? :grin:


Down today… I guess update is going on. In semrush, I see high range volatility


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My traffic went up.


Very bad earnings today


This is a bad month.
Things are going real bad. January is usually bad for everyone.


Dead :crybaby:


Very bad earnings today. Earnings dropped by 50%


CPC droped from 0.05 to 0.03 in this month. Some day only 0.02


0.03 here (where 0.05 is average)