June 28 Google algorithm update hit blog

Recent Google algorithm update hit the blog and 10% organic traffic dropped.
Anyone have the same drop and any solution.
All previous updates helped a lot with an increase of 30% organic traffic.


NO drop in my traffic , in fact its increasing

I am also facing the same issue yesterday 29% drop in my website traffic. Any one else facing the same issue? :thinking:

I have heard about traffic drop from many blog owners.

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Recovered almost 80% of lost organic traffic by removing unnecessary scripts, images etc from mobile version of blog.

How? Details plz

Remove not only unnecessary but also less necessary things from the mobile version of your blog.

Are you using any plugin to remove script from mobile version of your blog or you create separate subdomain for mobile? :thinking:

Before reacting to this, please check in google webmaster what dropped. Did ur rankings drop or did ur CTR.

If CTR has dropped, there is nothing u can do about it. It just means google is giving more visibility to its own properties. If ranking has dropped 20-30% then u need to worry. So first please look at how much CTR has dropped.