Keep your heart strong! A new Google update is on the way


And the Google Analytics is not working for me, adsense too. Can anyone confirm?

heard that Google Server is down!

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I just had Vietnam flashback after seeing those Zero real time users

Same here … My plugin is suddenly asking to authorize access to Analytics but unable to do because their end issue.


Same here google Analytics is not showing right now visitors while site is working fine…

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I think everything is Fine at my end.

Analytics and AdSense reporting issues resolved at 4AM IST for me.


There is no issue at my end regarding Adsense and Analytics both.

I am facing the same…

I have no problem.

I have no problem… dont care about google update either I know tricks :slight_smile:

Update is Live

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How’s your blog traffic after this update?

  • Increased
  • Decreased

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Oh sorry to hear, many lost traffic during this update. :expressionless:

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I don’t see any changes.

Solid drop on my site.

Hope the people who are thinking of drops today take the decision after 1-2 days. It was EID today and a national holiday.