KeyCDN is only working on homepage of my website

I have configured KeyCDN for my WordPress website at
The CDN service seems to only work on the homepage. I have checked the network tab (Chrome Inspector) on the other pages like About Us, Contact us, etc, and the CDN doesn’t seem to work on those pages. How do I make it work?

Another question is - my local fonts and icons (file extension .woff and .woff2) are not getting cached by the CDN service. I have already installed the CDN Enabler plugin for WordPress and mentioned these two extension names in the CDN inclusion list. But it is still not working.

I am very new to CDN and how to works. So please help me out so that I can fix them.

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried purge cache?
Also, You may need to set it in W3TC. Used a long ago so can’t remember where to config the CDN option.

However, if you haven’t subscribed KeyCDN for a long then opt in for CDN as soon as KEYCDN subscription gets over.

I just reconfigured KeyCDN with W3 Total cache and now I can see that the inner page contents are also served from CDN.

But the font files (woff, woff2, ico, etc) are still not getting served from KeyCDN. It is loading from my server. I have set them to load from CDN under the “Theme file types to upload:” setting of W3TC. But it is not working. How can I fix this?

Note: I have tried BunnyCDN. It works very slow and is inconsistent. I find KeyCDN to be quite better in terms of performance.

Bunny CDN is not that much efficient in handling individual client needs. Their support team is less talented. KeyCDN is far better than Bunny CDN.

It appears resolved now.