Keyword research for Gadgets Niche

I have a new website and written 20 articles for the site. And I could not able to find perfect keywords for the niche. And I was trying to find a keyword for “The 10 best noise cancelling headphones” and could not able to find. Can you guys say me how to do keyword research for such kind niche and titles?

Put your main keywords in Ahrefs keyword explorer… and sort by Having same terms or by Questions.

You can refine the search by including or excluding specific words as well. Or simply look at your competitors.

Google auto suggest is the way to go.
I would rather suggest writing informative articles alongside to begin with. Best X For Y types of articles can be competitive.
Open google in incognito mode and start typying:-
Can * headphone space space
Why is my headphone *

Use the autofill yo see what works.
Thats one of the best way to begin with!

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Sure thing @saurav_556 I will do that, but for this i was writing this article from past 3 days and was finding a perfect keyword, So that i can get good result but, i am stuck with this.
And guys i just want you guys to review my website and let me know the mistakes so that i can correct them. It’s been month old and dint get any organic reviews as i asked my friends.

Hi @Saksham thanks for that, but when i am trying to do that the search volume for that keywords, it is showing only 1-50 views…so can we consider that?

Organic traffic in 1 month?
You wont see any significant traffic before 6-7 months in a new website.
The article you write today may take atleast 6-7 months to rank. Until you are a news site. Dont expect any organic traffic anytime soon!

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Dont go after volume.
I have got over 10k people from Keyword that says 0 volume and almost 1/4 from.the keyword that shows 8k.
So thats not something you mist follow.
If it is a valid keyword that sounds right. Go after it.


So saurav what all i should consider for a perfect keyword then? KD , SERP?

KD is yesterday’s SEO. It doesn’t work anymore.
Today is all about related searches. BERT has changed everything. You no longer rank for only the particular keyword that you write for but a lot other small topics you cover in the content.
I would suggest choosing the topic in such way that gets most click through by reflecting content you have inside. But at the same time targeting a keyword as well. Go for google suggest method i told earlier. But again get a little creative with the titles.
Say:- Why is my iphone getting heated up? (Possible causes+Ways to fix it)
But someone search for how canni fix my iphone that is heating up?

By mentioning something like(Possible causes+How to fix) this you are telling your visitors consciously and unconsciously that you have the content they are looking for. Thus you will get more clicks and rank better.

But why am i telling you this?
Like samsung 4k outdoor tv called terrace.
Say i search for pros and cons or feature of that particular tv and i see that title in serp will i click that?
Definitely NO.
Even if you have the content inside it wont get click so no rankings.
Just having the keyword in title no longer work!
Create something people will click.


Oh, that’s a very good reply …got to learn some stuff Saurav, thank you so much.
So, @saurav_556 I have this small question regarding focusing keywords. As I was learning about SEO and came to know that we can keep many keywords as possible. But I’m using a Wordpress site and in that Yoast SEO plugin is there and can give only one focusing keyword. So how can I give multiple keywords ti my post. ?

I dont use any seo plugin on my new sites.
Those are crap.
Here is a great related video i found.
Get back to me if you have any doubts.

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