Keyword stuffing can rank you number 1 on google

It’s really sad to see a site ranking on number 1 spot and all he/she has done is stuff keywords, and that also not within the blog post, etc. They have literally added just keywords as if they are adding tags to a youtube video.

I was curious to see the sites which were ranking better than me and what they had done differently, and all I saw is keyword stuffing and other sites with auto-generated content. I wonder if Google Algo is really accurate these days or not.

The surprising thing is that the post did solve the user’s problem, which makes me wonder if as long as you solve the issue then any sort of blackhat technique is okay with Google.

If we had done anything of that sort, we would be thrown on the 10th page of Google.

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It depends, i just saw a video few days ago where the google webmaster told that if the user have a good experience and the post is helpful, you dont need to have all things checked for it to rank!

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Maybe i should try and experiment on it to see if it would rank my post, though i highly doubt

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Don’t do it now, they must have an old site. trying to trick google now will definitely hammer your site even further down. Just keep making good, long helpful content and you will do good in long run.

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Dont worry this stuff will not work far long…


Lol It’s not an old site, the site was created in August 2018. They probably know something we don’t…

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Consider Google search as an algorithm, test different things, analyse the results and then you will know a lot of unique things not shared by anyone.


Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

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I also saw the same thing in giant sites in education niche


These sites are not even giants, domain age is not even 1 year

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Have you ever seen event sites. Where images are there like happy new year images 2020. In this tor of posts bloggers put keywords between two images and it really help to rank number 1. I am also into it trying different thing. avoided creating backlink as without it also many posts are at number one position from a long time.
So I have decided to try different things and observing lots of google activities in different conditions.
Found madhy interesting facts like even a 100 volume per month long tail keyword is enough to rank a post.
And still learning everyday.

Google surely follow Newton’s third law of Motion
“There is always an equal and opposite reaction to any action.”

Of you will update your blog everyday then google bn bots will also read your site everyday and the changes will reflect in search engine result page within a night.

Many people work continuously day and night for 8 days and then they will sleep for 22 days.
Same thing google will also do with you. It wo also sleep for your site as it don’t see any update.

Thanks and regards


@Morshii - lately google has been paying more attention to headings then anything else

U want to optimize ur post, optimize the headings.

Can u check the site which was ranking with keyword stuffing had solid headings or no? Layout of h1,h2,h3 and h4.