humongous Traffic


Today i checked traffic at
Its massive (7 million) and heavy traffic from USA .
Amit Agrawal posts only 2-3 posts in a month.
He is pioneer in Indian blogging & i assume he got massive backlinks that’s why
he is still soaring high.
I m just curious, what else could be the reason ? Do you know any other single person handled blog which also getting this much traffic ? Please enlighten me.


His articles are actually helpful and well researched. On other hand, there are bloggers republishing the articles of other sites without actual experience on the subject and proper citations.

As his articles are helpful, his bounce rate is apparently low and it helps in SEO to some extent.

Yes, he has backlinks and the domain is old. This is the main reason.


He is one of the most respected bloggers globally. His articles are original and unique.


Definitely top blog earner in India and also he started at the best time… not during the rush hour which helped in soar high and again every word is crafted with no copy paste at all


SimilarWeb might not be always accurate in terms of counting traffic to a website. This is my personal experience with my own sites.

And most often it always shows a slightly higher amount of traffic than I actually get.

You said:

Well, posting frequency has nothing to do with search traffic or rankings. Your site needs to be topic optimized, which Google loves as well as other search engines.

Even 1 post per month or 1 post per two months can give you outstanding results if you are applying strategies like Content Cluster.

The sites that post several articles per week, usually write them only to keep the traction of User Engagement (when they have a huge email list or readers base) and those articles might be useless for the search engines.

Just do keep in mind that…

The recommendation that asks you to post several articles per week or month was just a fad. He is dead and the funeral is over.

The current thing that works amazing is to update your existing posts whenever it makes sense.

There are several blogs which have very few posts but still drive a huge amount of traffic via search engines.


Definitely now a days it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. Great thought Raktim


Thanks bro @Apne_Sapne