LAMP VS LEMP VS LCMP (or others) what is Powering your website?


LAMP = Linux+Apache 2+MySQL+PHP
LEMP = Linux+Nginx+MySQL+PHP
LCMP = Linux+Caddy+MySQL+PHP


My Setup is Linux+Nginx+Docker


Which one is faster among these


I had worked with LAMP.
Currently it is, LEMN = linux, nginx, mongo, node


Faster is hypothetical.
Virtually all of them are great if tuned properly.
My favourite (and recommended) is LExx (Linux+Nginx everything)


I prefer LEMP. :100:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 x64
  2. MariaDB
  3. Nginx
  4. PHP 7.3
  5. FastCGI (Page caching)
  6. Redis (Object Caching)
  7. Let’s Encrypt SSL (TLS 1.3, HTTP/2, HSTS)
  8. Postfix


is it used as a bi-directional MTA or just a send-only service?
If it’s bi-directional, have you considered deploying something like mailinabox or mailcow for better management?
if it is send only, Have you tried exim? it’s light weight and has better optimized delivery routes compared to postfix.


I have two plans in mind.

Here’s why

  • I don’t receive e-mail from wordpress at gulshankumar dot net until I add this domain in the address book. So, I think delivery is still a problem.

  • Looking for Guite alternative for admin [at] gulshankumar dot net which is cheapest option.


So mailgun isn’t able to serve you well? can you describe? we can talk about it in PM if you want to keep it private.

can you shoot a test mail from that address to so that I may better understand what is exactly going wrong and suggest a remedy?

If you want to, You can move to mailcow. it serves me well and is very powerful tool. I can co-host your emails to my instance if you like.


Is it faster than Postgre?
Or wordpress recommends?

I am from NoSQL family but I was just curious there.



Wordpress doesn’t work with postgres


For Database, MariaDB/MySQL is a suitable option for the WordPress.

Ref: link


Wordpress isn’t compatible with postgres as far as I know.


Yes, it seems.


Well in mine its LMN(Linux mongodb nodejs)


Nodejs and nginx together? :thinking:


Yes, That’s a very legit usecase. Nginx can handle much more load than nodejs alone.
Plus sometimes you need to serve bog standard static content which can be served directly from nginx instead of passing requests through nodejs


Used to be true not anymore!


You can spend time arguing or spend time enlightening yourself.
I choose the latter so Good for you :slight_smile:


Yea. Never heard any other combination.
What do you suggest? @Manash