Laptop crashed due to .net framework update

:cry::cry: very sad​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Today I am very sad. Today at noon i was updating the drivers and components of my hp laptop.
So I had found that my .Net framework wasn’t up to date.
So I updated it(approx 89mb package of .Net framework) along with other components and restarted my laptop. But as soon as it opened i was mad.
My network settings is now disappeared or missing. Apps are not opening. Mp4 video and music files are not opening.
Also there is no audio output from my laptop.

I have also tried to full pc reset(although I have approx 5gb of premium data in hard drive but I have no other external storage) but after 6-10% process it loading" undoing changes "and not completing the reset process also.

What to do now?

Take data out using bootable pen drive

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That’s ok.
But how can I recover my laptop at home?

Take data out using bootable pen drive at home


Have you also lost your data?

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Follow, this process:
Download a copy of Ubuntu, boot it in your pendrive using Rufus and open live version in laptop. Insert another pendrive now, go to the file manager of live Ubuntu. Copy all files to the secondary pendrive.

Through this, you can copy the selected files from the computer.

Warning: Do not install the Ubuntu only run the live version. Installing will delete all your files.

Now, format the pendrive and remove that Ubuntu installation.
Next, download the Windows 10 here. It’s free.

Make your pendrive bootable with Rufus again and install it on your Laptop. Install it in Legacy mode or UEFI(if legacy doesn’t work).

Search on YT you’ll find tons of tutorials.

If you want some help regarding this call me on WhatsApp, you already have my phone number.

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Not yet but going to lost.

And @AbhishekVerma to run Rufus i must have another computer or pc.
Because in my laptop no app is working.
And I haven’t any other computer.

I’m thinking to install a lower version of .Net framework. I will download in my mobile and transfer it to laptop via data cable.
And after installing it if any apps or factory reset work then I will have a rest or have to go to the shop.

As I have checked khabe 2 restore points in my pc.
So I have tried a system restore.
Will it succes?

Buy Windows Disk CD from the local shop & format your drive.

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If, this doesn’t work reset your pc… Make sure backup your data.

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Now it’s 4.38pm
Still showing progress bar from 1.30pm

Will it be fixed ti last?

I don’t think this will fix. Only have option to Reset your Windows or Completely format your “C” drive.

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Then use UNetBootin in that Live Ubuntu and Boot windows in Pendrive using UNetBootin

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You’re right.
The process didn’t end after a long. So I have forced shut down it.
Now I’m thinking to go to the shop for servicing.
Thank you guys.
And please suggest me a better pend drive of 16gb that has a good read and writing speed(& ever used by you).

Try Solimo (Amazon Basics Company). It’s very cheap and reliable.
Here, I am using it along with SanDisk:

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Link please?

Amazon Brand - Solimo BlitzTransfer 32GB USB 2.0 Pendrive

From the last 4 years, I am using Sandisk Pendrive. It’s works fine.


One of the worst. I won’t recommend. It’s speed is super slow and build quality is very bad. It broke in just 1 week from the front side

Proof. I don’t face any problem till now.