Laptop recommendations

Hello everyone,

I am buying a new laptop for my blogging and web design requirements. Can anyone recommend me a good laptop for 30-40K ( or less ) amount?

I do not have any certain strong requirements for particular software (except for Photoshop and some video editing, which I look to learn in the future ). Usually, I am on my desk for 10-12 hours, so please recommend a laptop accordingly

My current device is an HP i3 notebook, which cannot run software like photoshop perfectly.

Please recommend a good device as per your experiences . Thankyou

P.S. I am considering ASUS but I have never used ASUS Product before, Is it worth opting for ? My HP had no issues in the last 4-5 users of use but its battery sucks.

I 30K range you will get i3 Processor…

So, Consider i5 processor 10th generation 1035G1 or 9th Gen 9300H variants in 40k + price range or

HP 15s Ryzen 5 Quad Core 3500U is good in that price range in performance wise… but it has bad display…

Use Smartprix and processor Banchmark sites for comparison…

Which is the recommended budget i5 laptop? I can certainly go to around 40k since I am getting a good price for my old laptop.

I looked for some budget i5 laptops initially but on web, I see there are just complaints about every device except macbooks ( which obviously is not what I need or can afford )

Asus you can go. Good company and creates good product.

Other is go to dell site you will get good deal with extended support.

It is good to buy during Holi season, you might get some promotional discount.

Thankyou very much @sandi. I sincerely appreciate your advice :slight_smile: Probably, will be getting an Asus vivobook by this weekend only.

I had actually waited for festive season, but my requirement is a little urgent for now.

I bought a dell Vostro in 2017 for rupees 36000. It’s been four years; this laptop is an excellent deal.

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Thanks for the option bro, I checked the New Vostro 15 3501 Laptop but reviews were not that well, but I will certainly consider it.

I have been researching like a damm kid :stuck_out_tongue: from last 24-48 hours, will probably make the purchase tommorow.

Go for dell Vostro 3559.

It’s a 6th gen i5. I think getting a 10th gen i3 is better than 6th gen i5. Is it ?

I was looking for dell inspiron 3593 i3 10th generation . It is end of life product ( probably not manufactured now ) but a local store has it. Thinking of getting it tomorrow. Any thoughts ?

Okay, then go with 100th gen. All the best.

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Just purchased the Dell intel core i3 10th Gen, 8gb ram device today (3501 Inspiron)

Thankyou everyone for the help


All the best.