Lawsuit/case aganist Flipkart Affliate?

I have valid proofs of sales (more than 4 sales) made in flipkart through my affiliate link but Flipkart Affliate cheats never show them in my account and I think there affliate program does the same with everyone. Does it make sense to file a Law case against Flipkart Affiliate program?

Just filing a case won’t solve it unless you can dedicate time and money and wait till final decision. Which might be in your favor or might not be…

How can you prove the sales where made? If you say your friend bought it then you must know self bough item or brought via close know person is not liable for affiliate income. And there is hardly any other way to find it. So proving the same might be difficult.

Better change the affiliate partner. Good luck!

Let me clarify a few things here.

If any of the following things happened your sales won’t be counted:

  1. Send affiliate link directly to Friend on WhatsApp or anywhere else
  2. Posted link on a public forum like Quora or Reddit
  3. Using Affiliate Links on a non verified website/blog
  4. Sharing Cloacked links with a verified website

If you were doing any of the above things your sales will never be counted.

What to do:

if you know some php you can setup your own dynamic affiliate page and make sales, where you can pass affiliate link in URL itself and it will generate a dynamic page.

Another thing you can do is make simple pages on your website like this one:
for every product.

Or you can create pages like this: image

So, take care of this because their system is very efficiently programmed to understand the difference between redirection, link cloacking and and actual referral from blog post or product page.

However, I tweeted to flipkart support hoping for some helpful response.


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