Lazy load - Google AdSense Auto Ads

I have looked at your tips for lazy loading responsive ads. Is there a way to lazy load the Google Auto Ads script ?


I guess no, or maybe I don’t know the way. @GulshanKumar can sort this.

Ok, thanks for replying, I am hoping for a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Use WP QUADs it comes with lazy-loading for AdSense even for auto ads with anti fraud click protection.


Google AdSense load everything in the asynchronous way already. I would not recommend setting up lazy load as it can affect revenue. But if you still want try this way …

  1. First remove adsbygoogle.js script from all ad unit.

  2. Then include it in last just before the HTML body tag.

This way browser will maintain good First Contentful Paint Time and load advt with a little delay.

Another method that you can find at my blog, suggest as user scroll the web page that may be helpful as well.

Thanks, I will look into wp quads…

Ok, thank you so much. Quite some alternatives to consider then. As the AutoAds code is only one line it doesn’t look like it is possible to remove the acsbygoogle.js from it.

Maybe best to drop the lazy load and swallow my irritation of how much it affects the Google Page Speed rating for mobile.