Lazy Loading Images is a good idea or bad?

I just implemented lazy loading of images on my blog for improving page load speed. Please share your opinions on Lazy Loading. How’s this good or bad for user experience as well as SEO.

Lazy Loading helps in improving the page load time by loading the images located below the screen only when they come into the screen. Thus removing un-necessary http requests can improve your page load time.

I know. But will it create any problems with SEO. @GulshanKumar @saurav_556 @Saksham

No it Won’t create any issues unless you follow the best practices.
What plugin are you using?

I would recommend wait for official release of lazy loading in WordPress.

I prefer lazy loading as i use more than 3-4 picture in an article. If you dont lazy load then its about additional 400-500kb depending upon picture that the browser need to download during first load. It makes website slows especially if user is using 3g/4g and not wifi!
I use wp rocket for lazy loading. I have also tried native lazy loading using perfmatter but the problem is 60% of my user uses safari that doesnt support native lazy loading of images yet. So!
No such impact on seo for me till now. Make sure you use a good plugin as some tends to load images really late even after coming to viewpoint!

@saurav_556 I am using WP Smush for lazy loading. Is it fine?

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Is there any such plugin or tricks available for lazy loading in blogger platform?

For Blogspot, simply add loading=lazy as img attribute. This works in modern Chrome and going to work in Firefox.

Yup! That shall do the job!