Lazy Loading - Official plugin by Google

A new WordPress plugin for lazy loading of images that works like charm.

How to use?

  • Don’t use other lazy loading settings from another plugin
  • Just install, activate and forget. No settings required.

Important Info


My friend has also created a lazy load plugin which is of very low size


what if we are using Lazy Loading options from Autoptimize plugin?

At one time, use only one.

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Ok it means I don’t need to install Native Lazyload plugin?

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You should enable lazy loading at only one place, not in multiple plugins.

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Sir I was searching ads inserter alternative plugins in which we can exclude category to show ads.

@GulshanKumar - do u think lazy loading affects SEO in any way?

No, it doesn’t affect.

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I currently use Lazy Load by WP Rocket and it seems fine for most part. Can you please point me any resource where I can compare these two, so I can decide? Thanks in advance cheers

Google Lazy Load WP Rocket lazy Load
Enforce lazy load only for slow Internet user Doesn’t depend on Internet speed, save bandwidth
Only supported by Chrome 76 and above version Works on most browser
Lighter approach Depends on JavaScript

So @GulshanKumar as per your view.
Wp Rocket is best?

To be very honest, I am not a fan of lazy loading.

It S U C K S for UX.

However, lazy attribute of Google has given me a new hope.


Anything like this for Blogger platform ?

Been considering lazy load but I’m wary of how it will affect UX

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Oh thank you for share :slight_smile:


I agree it’s effect on UX side but at the same time it’s help’s to load web page faster then normal. What do you think?

Accepting bit slowness is fine but not bad user-experience. Therefore, sometime it’s better to avoid lazy load and also image compression after a certain limit.