Lengthy blog post indexing issue

My lengthy blog posts are not getting indexed. Why?

My recent blogpost (2.2k words) got indexed in just 40 hours, but one long blog post(6.2k words) is still not indexed even after 20 days.


Search Engine?


Create a dummy blogger blog.
Paste random/spinned content.
Paste your website link which you want to index.
Add the blogger blog to Google search console and request indexing of that blogger blog.

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Thanks for the tip. Since the “request indexing,” function is disabled in the search console, so I don’t know if this will work or not!!!

Anyway, I’ll try this.


It’s disabled because some updates are going on. It should be back soon, if not, you can use speed-links dot net. It’s not worthy for 5-6 urls but for 1000’s of urls.

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Okay, thanks.